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Blood Eternal Slot Casino Game Review

Forget Dracula & Buffy! Suck some winning out of this slot & satisfy your thirst for gore & gothic (and winning up to 50,000 on a single spin!)

If you're a die-hard fan of the supernatural Vampire genre, this video slot allows you to come out of the coffin as it will satisfy your thirst for gothic gore and wonderful wins.

Deeply influential to all sharp-fanged melodrama is the hunter and the hunted, and on this video slot you are hunting wins. Who do expect to stand in your way?

That's not a question easily answered as the Vampires are supposed to benefit you directly when they track down a human victim on the Vampiric Free Spins. No, they're not out to suck you dry, it'll be a life line, since there are 2 free spin options. The Vampire Symbols trigger free spins from the base game and only appear on reels 2 and 5. When a human symbol lands up next to a Vampire symbol, 8 additional free spins are triggered. (Human symbols only appear on reels 3 and 4.) The reels glow ominously as they spin super fast prior to the reveal, creating delicious tension and anticipation for the outcome.

Don't expect any of the humans to be a heroic stake-wielders. They all look positively terrified out of their minds. The Vampires are appropriately menacing, with no attempt to battle their bloodlust. These nasty bloodsuckers don't bother with masquerades... They're hunting and they intend to find what they're looking for.

Typical of any good vampire, in playing the game I found it hard to track them down... They briefly surfaced, but getting the fearful humans to line up for a great free spins fest alongside their enemies, proved very difficult.

Another feature of this slot machine is the BAT symbol - and I'm not referring to what it looks like, it's what they do... There is a BAT symbol, and there's also a DOUBLE BAT symbol. The x2 Bat Symbol acts as a normal BAT symbol, BUT on a line of 5x Bats, where two of them are x2 Bat Symbols, you will have a win of 7 Bats! Subsequently, there is a much greater number of wins with the Bat symbols than with any of the other symbols. Calculating up to 12 bats, you can win 50,000 on a single spin! Something about which there is NO mystery, is the WILD Symbol. If you read the word WILD, it's Wild...

This casino game offers you a Turbo Play option - which is often such a great advantage. You can choose from 01c to $1,00 per bet.

The Double Up Game can be activated after any standard win and you could double your wins. You can also opt to only double up 50% of your wins, and therefore safeguard against losing it all when you have courage to choose HEADS or TAILS?

Enjoy the gargoyles; haunted house; crucifix, potions - they all yield some sort of victory.

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